Open Access.

Open access (OA) journals are scholarly journals that are available online to the reader "without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself. They remove price barriers (e.g. subscription, licensing fees, pay-per-view fees) and most permission barriers while open access journals are freely available to the reader, there are still costs associated with the publication and production of such journals.

MedCave Publications - Open Access Policies

We have listed down open access policies here on this page.

Please, go through them to understand more about open access or open access publications and policies pertaining to the same..

All About Accessibility - Free Access To Knowledge

We, at MedCave Publications, publish journals as per the principles of Creative Commons Attribution License. This signifies that the journals published will be available for one and all to view and read. Adhering to this free accessibility to acknowledge, we have made it possible for ourselves to gain increase in readership of our journals across the globe.

All works published by MedCave Publications will be FREE for one and all to access, copy, distribute, transfer, download, upload and share (but by providing appropriate resourcing or giving the credit to the author)

Maintaining Publication Standards

We understand what it takes for quality publications. We always pay more attention to publishing only best-in-class articles. We help our contributors, authors with getting their work polished and thus help them publish work that is in line with the global standards of open access journals.

Publication Ethics

We adhere to publication ethics as required for open access journals. We encourage our authors, contributors, supporters to come up with the cutting-edge work in their niche field and keep up ethics too that we pride on.

We strictly follow publication ethics with respect to authorship, right to content, right to free knowledge, plagiarism, manipulations, duplications, inventions, discoveries, bio-ethics etc.

We focus on COPE guidelines and make sure that each and every aspect of the ethics get covered.

Plagiarism / Duplicate Publication

Plagiarism can be referred to as copying someone else’s work that has already been published or taking the credit of someone else’s work by bringing in some changes as required so as to make it look new and not the same from the existing or the original one. We are committed to publishing only quality articles with no plagiarism at all. Yes, we do not publish any article if it carries plagiarism of any kind whether intentional or accidental. We make use of the plagiarism checkers to see if the content has been plagiarised. We generally use iThenticate Software to detect possible plagiarism. Manuscripts which are recorded to have high rate of plagiarism (more than 10%) will be rejected.

Citation Manipulation

We check for citation manipulations. Yes, there should be no such intention of increasing citations for authors or to increase citation rates or journal impact whatsoever.

Conflicts of Interest

Authors, contributors are required to disclose conflict of interest with respect to their work. The author or the contributor will take have to accept the consequences which might arise due to his or her potential conflict of interests. Authors are also required to include such conflicts of interests in their manuscript too.


It is always necessary that your work (you are desirous of publishing through MedCave Publications) shall not be sent for publications elsewhere or that it should not be already published by other publishers.

Open Access Policy

Authors or the contributing institutions or organizations are required to pay fixed amount for their publications. The articles published will be freely available for people across the globe without any legal or ethical impediments.

Pricing Policy

Work published through MedCave Publication s will be freely available for one and all.

The Article Publishing Charge (APC) will have to be borne by the author or the funding committee. This ACP will help us cover editorial and peer-review services. With your fund, we keep your articles LIVE by effectively administrating.

Authors will have to pay publication charges only after their articles has got accepted by us. Article will be published only after receiving the payment from the author. However, publication charges can be eliminated here for authors who belong to low-income level countries (as classified by World Bank).

Peer-Review Policy

All articles submitted by the authors, contributors across the globe will be assessed by our committee of experts. We follows strict peer-reviewed process. Our editorial board members will check for originality, quality and authenticity. The manuscript will be assessed or examined well within 2 working days from the day it gets submitted by the author. If the manuscript meets our qualtiy guidelines then the author will be informed of the same and further publication process will be carried out. Manuscripts accepted by us will again be peer-reviewed by experts and the process would get completed well within 14 days. Upon review completion by our team of experts, it will be sent to author again who may then be requested to modify, revamp, prepare the manuscript as per our editors’ views. However, manuscript will be rejected if it doesn’t meet our quality guidelines.

Upon approval, within 60 days, article will go LIVE.

Article Withdrawal & Retraction

Articles which have been accepted by us for publication will not immediately go online. They will first be added to “Articles in Press.” But, if these same articles are examined to have errors or found to be the duplicate of other articles which have already been published elsewhere, we may not publish it. Such articles will get withdrawn and retracted.


Authors can ask for reprints which are actually the copy of the original articles already being published by us. We can send you reprints as requested. This can be useful for the authors for all promotional activities., seminars conferences, or other gatherings.

Reprints will be available in form of author reprints (solely for non-commercial use / article with the cover page of the journal / the front cover will entail MedCave Publications Logo, Name of the journal with logo, Title of the article, Name of the author or authors). The reprint cost may vary as per the number of prints ordered.

For 100 Reprints – $650
For 200 Reprints – $950

Please, take a note of it that the charges are exclusive of shipping and management charges.

Reprints will be shipped through Federal Express Standard service (FEDEX) or DHL.